International Scholars Program


The International Scholars Program (ISP) is an exciting campus-wide opportunity available to all degree-seeking undergraduate students. It represents an avenue to structure your global learning experience through the completion of international coursework, international experience, language learning and co-curricular activities. Internationalizing your experience both inside and outside the classroom not only helps you acquire essential international experience and perspective, but also helps you grow and an individual and professional. By stepping outside your comfort zone and engaging in intentional intercultural engagement, you gain skills that are transferable to both personal and career settings.

As an International Studies student, you already meet half of the requirements for ISP! To see a list of the requirements, and learn more about the Program, please click here.

Are you interested in Peace Corps and serving abroad after graduation? The ISP also has an optional Peace Corps Prep component, which prepares students for serving abroad and makes them more competitive when applying for Peace Corps service. Successful completion of the ISP and Peace Corps Prep components gives students a Certificate of Completion for Peace Corps. More information can be found here.