Teaching Faculty

The interdisciplinary nature of the International Studies Program allows students to take a more self-directed approach to degree completion by selecting international coursework across many UF departments and units that expose them to a variety of experienced faculty. This inherent flexibility within the degree enhances the academic experience and discplinary knowledge to facilitate opportunites for students to explore and ultimately identify their thematic interests.

The table below represents faculty teaching core courses in the program. Students in the major complete 30 additional credits to complete their regional track focus (15 credits) and additional international studies coursework (15 credits). Students are also required to meet a foreign language requirement (0-20 credits). Learn more about the major requirements here.

Home UnitNameExpertiseRegionINS Course
Political ScienceBenjamin SmithSeparatist conflicts, regime change and democratization; politics of resource wealthSoutheast AsiaINS 3004: Perspectives in International Studies (Fall)
Director, International Studies Program
Matthew JacobsIslam and U.S. foreign policyU.S. - Middle East PoliticsINS 3004: Perspectives in International Studies (Spring)
Center for European StudiesEmrah SahinPolitics and societyOttoman/Turkey, Europe and the MediterraneanINS 4930: Senior Research Seminar (Fall)
Center for European Studies & AnthropologyMaria StoilkovaInternational migration and transnationalismEurope and Eastern EuropeINS 4930: Senior Research Seminar (Spring)
Political Science, International Studies ProgramCarlos Suárez-CarrasquilloUrban politics, gated communities, city marketing/brandingPuerto Rico, the Caribbean and Latin AmericaINS 4930: Senior Research Experience (Fall)