Major Requirements

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Each International Studies major is required to designate a region of the world on which to focus. The student’s region then determines the courses appropriate for the “Category A” requirements as well as the major’s “Foreign Language” requirement. Ideally students choosing the International Studies major will have taken introductory courses in high school or college level that serve to help students choose the region of the world that he/she is interested in focusing on for the major.

Regions of the world: (click to see a list of approved courses)

Requirements and Tracking

Requirements for the Major

  • 3 credits – INS 3004: International Studies Perspectives

    Prerequisite: Completion of at least 3 courses approved for the international studies major. Demographics, cultures, governments and histories of major world regions as these relate to major, current, transnational, and global issues such as migration, socio-economic development, conflicts and disasters, and environmental issues.

  • 3 credits – INS 4930: International Studies Senior Research Seminar or Senior Research Experience

    • INS 4930: International Studies Senior Research Seminar: This course includes readings on and discussions of major contemporary international and global issues. Offers students the opportunity to conduct guided research on international topics of their choice that relate to their track(s) and study, internships or work abroad experiences for the international studies major.
    • Senior Research Experience: Students may pursue other options to meet this final course requirement. This will require additional steps and UGC approval. All options must be attached to 3 credits and completion of a final research paper graded by a common rubric. Options should include one of the following:
      • Study Abroad with a research paper,
      • Internship or work experience abroad with a research paper,
      • International Studies research poster presentation with research paper,
      • International Studies-related service learning project with research paper,
      • Independent study course with research paper.
  • 15 credits – “Category A”: Regional track coursework

    International Studies-approved courses in social science, humanities or professional courses that deal with the region of the world selected by the student. Courses may be chosen from the approved list (click on region above). Additional courses not on the list may be taken if approved by the International Studies Undergraduate Coordinator (UGC). Of these courses:

    • 12 credits must be at the 3000/4000 level
  • 15 credits – “Category B”: International and/or other regional track coursework, thematic and topic-specific courses.

    International Studies-approved courses (click the appropriate region above to see approved courses) in social science, humanities or professional courses that deal with regions of the world other than the student’s chosen Category A and/or with global issues.

    • Based on your category A region, see courses that will apply to Category B.
    • 9 credits must be at the 3000/4000 level.
  • 0-20 credits – Foreign Language

    A minimum of four semesters of a single modern foreign language or demonstrated proficiency equivalent to the completion of the intermediate level. The language for which proficiency is demonstrated must be logically linked to the student’s selected region (Category A). Click on region at top of page to see the languages approved for each region.