About the Program


International Studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides knowledge of major international or global issues including:

  • regional and global political economies;
  • comparative cultural and political systems;
  • ethnicity, identity, and belief systems;
  • peace, conflict, and wars;
  • gender, culture, and politics; and
  • global science, health and environmental issues.

The major prepares students for careers as specialists or representatives in: international relations, international publications, cross cultural training in educational and business fields, international development, public affairs, government foreign service, export sales, and international research.

Students in the major will:

  • develop a working knowledge of a modern foreign language;
  • experience living and studying abroad or working with an international organization focused on international issues to prepare them for international careers or graduate study;
  • become knowledgeable of at least one major region of the world;
  • become knowledgeable about significant global issues; and
  • conduct research on an international, regional, or global issue in conjunction with a senior research seminar or experience, or work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs).